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29 May 2015

Recent Rains and Kansas City Drainage Issues

If you live in the Kansas City area, you know we’ve been bombarded by heavy rains throughout the month of May. With more than 11 inches recorded already and a couple of days to go, many homeowners are noticing puddles in the yard, flower beds that appear to be drowning, even ruts or gulleys in the landscape where rain doesn’t drain properly. To sum it all up, heavy rainfall over a long period of time can leave your landscape a mess – but what about the damage drainage issues can cause to the rest of your home?READ MORE

12 May 2015

Considering Kansas City Landscape Lighting for Your Home?

At IDL Company, we understand that landscape lighting can dramatically impact the exterior appearance of your Kansas City home. However, it can also accomplish other goals and objectives, such as highlighting specific walkways or gardens, or providing added security for your home. If you plan to put your home on the market, many buyers drive the neighborhoods they prefer at dusk or at night, so landscape lighting makes your property more attractive – and easier to see. In addition, having this additional light source around your home can deter burglars, who fear they may be seen by neighbors or passers-by.READ MORE