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25 Aug 2015

Light Up the Night This Fall with Landscape Lighting

It’s almost September, and it won’t be long before the days start getting shorter – it will be dark earlier, which means Kansas City homeowners may want to consider exterior lighting to light up the outdoors. Many homeowners think about the visual appeal of their outdoor spaces, even spending significant amounts of money on patios, spectacular walkways, flower gardens, and more. Landscape lighting is one more way to beautify the outdoors, and highlight all of the elements of your yard so that even in the dark, your landscaping efforts are visible.READ MORE

07 Aug 2015

Protect Your Kansas City Home with a French Drain System

At IDL Company, we know that too much of a ‘good thing’ (such as flooding rains) isn’t always good. Certain seasons of the year often bring with them a lot of rain, so much in fact that it can result in standing or ponding water, or a soggy lawn that takes days or longer to dry out. Kansas City homeowners who experience too much water in their lawns – especially in areas such as around the foundation or basement walls – may wish to learn more about a French drain, and how it works. There are various solutions when it comes to the drainage of rainfall or ground water away from your home. Because Missouri has a clay-based soil, water can be particularly problematic, especially if your landscape is flat without any significant sloping.READ MORE