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14 Sep 2015

Low Water Pressure & Your KC Sprinkler Irrigation System

As Kansas City sprinkler irrigation system professionals, we know that low water pressure in your system can have a variety of causes. What’s the natural thing to do when it seems like you don’t have enough water pressure? Try increasing the pressure first, obviously. However, when all your attempts to get the water pressure up to speed fail, we have a few suggestions.READ MORE

04 Sep 2015

Preparing Your Kansas City Lawn for Fall & Winter

Many KC home and business owners assume that once time rolls on into late September and October, Kansas City lawn care is done. The fact is, it’s important to prepare your lawn for the fall and winter seasons, you shouldn’t just ignore it until next spring! You want to care for your lawn properly during the fall months, so that it remains healthy when winter comes around and will be beautiful come next spring.READ MORE