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26 Sep 2016
Will an Automatic Sprinkler System Help You Save Water?

Smart Watering: How Smart Technology Saves Water and Keeps Your Landscape Looking Great

There is no question that watering your lawn, plants, trees and bushes is a must if you want to keep them healthy and green. However, there are a number of traditional sprinkler systems that may over-water, turn on when it is raining and use more energy than necessary. The good news is, thanks to smart technology, there are now a number of innovative options available to help you cut water waste and use, ensuring that your bills stay down and that your lawn continues to look great. Learning more about this new technology can help you see all the benefits it has to offer. READ MORE

12 Sep 2016
garden lighting, exterior lighting

3 Ways to Update Your Garden with Landscape Lighting

Backyard gardens have always been havens for homeowners. It provides them a place to relax and unwind or to entertain friends when the weather permits. There are some homeowners who go to great lengths to include landscaping elements that make their area feel private, inviting and lush.  Today, many homeowners are working to create indoor and outdoor living spaces that seamlessly blend into one another. However, if you plan on using your outside garden space during the evening hours when the frogs are serenading and the crickets are chirping, then you may need a bit more than just moonlight to keep your party going. Some of the top ways to enhance your landscaping with outdoor lighting can be found here. READ MORE

06 Sep 2016
Sprinkler System Repair

Signs it’s Time to Call for Sprinkler Repair

Keeping your lawn and plants healthy and green can be a challenging task. Most homeowners understand that the best way to minimize the time they have to spend watering their lawn themselves is to install a sprinkler system. However, as time passes and the system is exposed to the elements, issues can arise. Knowing the signs that it is time to call for sprinkler repair can help you keep your lawn looking great throughout all the seasons.READ MORE