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14 Nov 2016
Maintenance landscape lighting, LED Lamp

The Importance of Proper Maintenance for Your Landscape Lighting

Did you know that when you properly maintain your outdoor landscape lighting, it can save you energy, time and quite a bit of hassle? The fact is, landscape lighting maintenance is something that many homeowners don’t think about very often. In fact, they may only think about this when they notice a blown bulb or fixture that has fallen over. However, with proactive and preventative maintenance, you can keep your landscape lighting looking great and ensure it provides the security and aesthetic appeal for your property that you want and need. READ MORE

07 Nov 2016
Signs You May Need Sprinkler System Repair new sprinkler system

Signs it is Time for a New Sprinkler System

Everyone wants a vibrant green, healthy lawn. It increases a home’s curb appeal, provides a
safe place for kids and pets to play, and helps to contribute to the general well-being of your
home. The main key to achieving this healthy and great looking lawn is a properly functioning
irrigation system. Installing a new sprinkler system is fast and easy with IDL Company.