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10 Oct 2017
water your lawn efficiently water conservation tips for spring

Consequences of Failing to Winterize Your Sprinkler System

Living in Kansas City means that you know how cold winter can be. You also know how often the ground freezes and the havoc it can cause. If you have an irrigation system, it is imperative that you call the professionals for winterization. Failure to do this can result in serious consequences and costly repairs when spring arrives.READ MORE

25 Sep 2017
Signs You May Need Sprinkler System Repair new sprinkler system

Is Fall the Right Time to Have a New Sprinkler System Installed?

Many people in the landscaping industry are asked when is the best time to have a sprinkler system installed? While the answer you receive may vary from one landscaper to another, an answer that many will agree on is during the fall months of the year. While late fall is ideal, any time from September until December will work.READ MORE

18 Sep 2017
fall lawn care

Important Maintenance for Your Landscape Before Fall Arrives

Fall is on its way, which means the weather in Kansas City and surrounding areas is going to begin getting cooler. With the weather outside getting more comfortable, it is important to make sure that your landscape, and all the components in it, are ready for cooler weather. Preparing for fall weather properly will help your landscape bounce back after the winter months. While there is more too this maintenance and preparation than just raking leaves, you will be glad you put time and energy into it next spring.READ MORE

11 Sep 2017

When to Water: A Seasonal Guide

Do you know how often to water your lawn throughout the year? Should it get more water in the spring when the temperatures are high, or when it cools down in the evening? If you are like many other homeowners, you may water based on what you think is best for you lawn. Unfortunately, you may be doing more harm than good.READ MORE

29 Aug 2017
landscape irrigation system

What to do if Your Lawn Always Seems Dry

The long hot days of summer have a way of taking a toll on your lawn’s health. As a result, you may discover your lawn always seems dry. While you may be tempted to fix the problem by watering more and more – this can often just make the situation worse. While grass requires water in order to grow, overwatering is actually really bad for your lawn. If you want to eliminate a dry lawn and get grass that is green, lush and healthy, use the tips found here.READ MORE

21 Aug 2017

Landscape Lighting isn’t just for Curb Appeal: How Exterior Lighting Enhances Property Security

When you install landscape lighting on your property, you are going to receive a number of benefits. For example, it will enhance your curb appeal and help to highlight certain elements of your landscape design. However, what many people don’t realize is that quality landscape lighting can also increase the security and safety of your property. Learn how this is possible here.READ MORE

14 Aug 2017
Helpful Tips if Your Lawn is Always Dry When Should You Begin Getting Your Irrigation System Ready for Spring? Fall irrigation system preparations

How to Ensure Your Sprinkler and Irrigation System aren’t Wasting Water

In the United States, about half of all of the water in a home is used for watering gardens and landscapes. As a result, water is considered an extremely precious resource. It is up to everyone to consciously save water, but trying to conserve water can also be expensive. Some ways to make sure that your drip irrigation and sprinkler systems aren’t wasting any water or money can be found here.READ MORE