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30 Apr 2018
A Quality Sprinkler System. Can You Add Smart Control Features to Your Sprinkler System?

Is it Time for a Sprinkler System Check-Up?

As the summer weather gets closer, and the days become longer and hotter, you will need to make sure you have an effective irrigation system in place for your yard. However, if it has been six months since you last used your sprinkler system, it may be a good idea to invest in a check-up before powering it up this year.READ MORE

16 Apr 2018
led landscape lighting

Why is Landscape Lighting So Important for Your Home?

According to the FBI, the possibility of your home being burglarized is about one out of five. Home intrusions not only result in the loss of your personal possessions, but they can also serve as a serious danger to you and your family. In fact, in about 300,000 of the 1.6 million burglaries that take place in the U.S. annually, someone is home when the intrusion takes place. A great way to prevent your home from becoming a target is by installing quality landscape lighting. Learn more about the benefits this type of lighting offers, here.READ MORE

09 Apr 2018
Signs You May Need Sprinkler System Repair new sprinkler system

Signs You May Need Sprinkler System Repair

One out of ever three homeowners has no idea how often their lawn needs to be watered. Many don’t know how much water it needs, either. That’s why a large number of homeowners opt to purchase a sprinkler system – it eliminates the need to worry about this. However, what happens when the sprinklers are no longer working properly?READ MORE