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24 Sep 2018
landscape lighting contractor Benefits of Installing Landscape Lighting for Your Home

Questions to Ask Your Kansas City Landscape Lighting Contractor

Do you know how to find a landscape lighting contractor who fits your needs? Regardless of the size of your property or home, there’s no question that outdoor lighting can add beauty and distinction while improving security and safety and increasing entertaining opportunities. The quality and the craftmanship of your home should be something that makes you proud.READ MORE

17 Sep 2018
Sprinkler System Repair

The Dangers of Ignoring Your Sprinkler System

Have you heard the saying, “a watered lawn is a happy lawn?” While it may not be that common, it’s true. Sometimes, that means you have to use your sprinklers to keep your grass green and healthy. The truth is, though, it’s easy to forget about your sprinklers when you aren’t using them. After all, if everything is working properly, sprinklers are often forgotten. If you are like most people, you don’t take notice unless something isn’t working properly. READ MORE