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10 Feb 2020
landscape lightiing kansas city

Is Your Home a Black Hole? How Landscape Lighting Can Brighten Things Up

Are you searching for an effective way to brighten up your outdoor area iwth landscape lighting? Instead of spending hours trying to find the perfect sculpture or plant, why not add a bit of decorative lighting to the space? When it comes to creating the perfect outdoor living area, lighting is a crucial aspect to consider. The proper combination of lighting in your yard can help to improve the visual appeal and charm while increasing the property’s resale value.READ MORE

03 Feb 2020
irrigation company kansas city

Is Your Irrigation Company Up to Par? Signs It’s Time to Switch

There’s no question that a professionally installed irrigation system can help improve the look of your yard while offering a layer of convenience for you. However, like most things in your home’s landscape, your irrigation system isn’t a “set it and forget it” component. To keep it operating properly and efficiently regular maintenance is needed. From time to time repairs may also be required, and eventually (usually many years after it is initially installed) the system will need to be replaced.READ MORE