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15 Jun 2020
Sprinkler System Replacement kansas city

Sprinkler System Repair vs. Replacement: What Do You Need?

An older irrigation system is like an old car. It may run fine for a while, but eventually, it will break down. When this happens, you may wonder – is it worth fixing, or is a sprinkler system replacement better? Like any other landscaping questions, the answer depends on several factors.

Replace or Repair – What to Consider?

The life of your irrigation system depends on how well it is maintained. In many situations, systems may be more than two decades old and still perform.

Just because your irrigation system is still working, it does not mean it will not require replacement along the way. Homeowners will usually replace ahead of two each season after the first five to seven years the system has been in place.

Some of the questions to consider when trying to answer the question of repair or replacement are found below.

Has Your Landscape Changed?

Your landscape is a living, dynamic system. Trees and plants that are part of it will grow and, as a result, their irrigation needs will change. Sometimes plants will be replaced by others, as well.

If this is the case, your existing irrigation system may not provide the coverage needed. You may need to have your system reconfigured to meet the changing needs of your system. In this case, replacing the system is often the best option.

Do You Want to Reduce Your Water Usage?

Modern irrigation components for landscapes are more water-wise than those that were built 10 to 15 years ago. What this means is that replacing your older system with a newer one will help reduce your water consumption and, as a result, your water costs.

New irrigation system technology can monitor the water your plants and yard receive, calculate rainfall, and auto-program the system to release the proper amount of water. It can also make sure the sprinklers do not come on when it is unneeded.

In some situations, upgrading your irrigation system will help reduce your bill; however, you may be able to achieve a similar effect by upgrading one or two components.

What Budget Concerns Do You Have?

If you choose to replace your whole irrigation system, it can cost you thousands of dollars. For some, this immediate reduction in water costs is worth the investment. However, for some, replacing certain parts of their system to avoid having to spend too much all at once.

Repair or Replace: What’s Right for You?

As you can see, there are several things to consider when it comes to deciding if you should do a sprinkler system repair or replacement. Take some time to think about your needs to ensure you choose the right option.

If you need help making the right decision for your home and situation, contact our team at IDL Company. We can ensure your system is up to par and that it is as efficient as possible. If a replacement is needed, we can help you with this, as well.

01 Jun 2020
smart sprinkler kansas city

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