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19 Apr 2021
landscape lighting installation kansas city

Benefits of Hiring the Professionals for Landscape Lighting Installation

If you have invested money in your landscaping and want to ensure your home looks its best at night, hiring professionals for landscape lighting installation is a smart move. It’s important to note that it takes years to properly light the exterior of a home in a way that enhances the features and improves curb appeal.READ MORE

12 Apr 2021
landscape lighting repairs

Repairs and Maintenance: Signs Your Landscape Lighting Needs Some TLC

When the placement of your landscape lighting is carefully planned and orchestrated, you can count on them. To highlight all the best features of your home while ensuring you can navigate your yard safely. However, when fixtures begin to flicker, dim, or fail, you will experience uneven coverage, which is not only dangerous. But can make your property look sinister, as well. If you want to avoid an unsightly exterior space watch for the following issues. Schedule maintenance and landscape lighting repairs as needed.READ MORE