Do you have an irrigation system installed in your yard? If so, then you know when it’s functioning properly, you can enjoy a green, lush and healthy lawn. However, if your irrigation system develops a leak, then all of your efforts won’t matter. The key is to quickly find and fix any leak that may be present.

Before you can fix the problem, you have to know it’s there. Some indications of a problem can be found here.

Soggy Areas in Your Yard

Have you been walking around in your yard and noticed that there’s an area that feels boggy or soggy as you walk over it? If so, there may be a leak in your irrigation system.

To determine if this is the issue, the first step is to eliminate the possibility that the sogginess is the result of the accumulation of surface water because of a recess in the land. If that is not the issue, then begin to investigate your irrigation system in that area to determine the precise source of the leak.

Higher than Normal Water Costs

It’s a good idea to monitor your water meter and your water bills carefully so you have a baseline regarding the normal water usage at your home or property for each season. If you notice a prolonged increase in your water costs, it may mean your water company has increased the rates, so be sure to check this first.

However, if you notice higher costs, along with higher meter ratings, then the issue may be a leak in your irrigation system.

Your Plants and Grass Appear Unhealthy

When you have an irrigation system, you need to make sure that all of the parts of your property are receiving enough hydration. If you start to see signs that certain parts look unhealthy, then it may be an indication of a leak in your irrigation system.

Some of the most obvious signs of a leak in your irrigation system include yellow patches in one area, which indicates that part of the grass is being overwatered. Another indication of a problem is brown, dry patches. This indicates that the leak is limiting the water accessibility in a certain area because of reduced water pressure.

The Dangers and Cost of an Irrigation System Leak

If your irrigation system is leaking, then it could lead to serious issues and costs down the road. The key to reducing the negative effects of a leak is to know when one is present. Using the tips and information here is the best way to figure this out.

If you need help determining if your irrigation system is leaking, finding the leak or repairing it, the best thing you can do is contact the professionals. The professional staff at The IDL Company is ready and able to help you with any irrigation system issue you may be facing. Reach out to them today to learn about the services offered.