Among the most important parts of your home’s landscaping is the sprinkler system. Without a functional sprinkler, you will find it difficult to provide your grass with the water it needs to thrive and grow. Over the spring and summer months, your sprinkler system will get a lot of use. As the colder weather of winter moves in, finding ways to keep this system in good working order should be one of your main concerns. The freezing temperatures that are common during this time of year can do a number of your sprinklers if you fail to take the proper precautions. There are a number of things you can do to keep your sprinkler system protected throughout this time of year and here are some of them.

  1. Shut off the Water Supply to Your Sprinklers

When attempting to protect this vital part of your home’s landscaping during the winter, the main thing you should do is cut off the water supply. If you see that freezing temperatures are moving into your area, shutting off the water supply to your sprinklers is essential in order to avoid things like frozen pipes. You need to make sure you use the main water cut-off valve when trying to perform this task. Generally, this valve will be housed in an indoor enclosure to keep it from freezing up. If you are not sure about where your main cut-off valve is, then you should consult with the company who installed your sprinkler system.

  1. Get Rid of Water in Your Sprinkler’s Pipes

Another crucial thing that has to be done to protect your sprinkler system during winter is to remove all of the water from its pipes. Leaving this water in the pipes can lead to it freezing, expanding and damaging vital components of your sprinkler system. Hiring professionals to blow out the pipes of your sprinkler system is the best way to ensure this work is done correctly.

  1. Familiarize Yourself with Vital Parts of Your Sprinkler System

Knowing where the vital components of your sprinkler system are located can save you a lot of trouble during winter. If there is an emergency situation with a leaking or broken pipe, knowing where things like the drain valves are located is important. Familiarizing yourself with how your sprinkler operates can benefit you greatly in the future and will allow you to avoid serious damage to this part of your residence.

When the time comes to repair and maintenance your sprinkler system, working with the right professionals is essential. These professionals can troubleshoot and fix any problems they find with your sprinkler system quickly.