There are several ways you can effectively light the paths in your yard. Due to all the options, choosing the one that’s right for your space can be a bit challenging.

The good news is, just by getting to know the options, you can have a better idea of the options that are available, and which one may work best for your yard.

Traditional Path Lighting

This type of lighting is made up of two different parts:

  • A post
  • A top hat

While there are several variations of this fixture that can be used, they all perform in a similar manner. The light is directed down, toward the path allowing people to see their way after dark. Chances are, you have seen these fixtures lining people’s driveways or the path that leads up to their front door in the past.

Moon Lighting

Moon lighting is also called down lighting. It’s designed so that it bathes a part of the landscape with soft light from up above. Put simply, a down light is a fixture that’s mounted up higher, such as in a tree or at the soffit of your home. It is then aimed down in a manner, so it casts a soft light over a particular area. The effect is similar to moon light, hence the name.

Down lights are a great option for paths because they help you cover a larger area of your path, and potentially uses less fixtures, while creating a beautiful effect.

Directional Path Light

A direction path light is extremely similar to more traditional path lights (mentioned above). There’s one exception to this. When you install a directional path light, it can be adjusted so the direction of the light is targeted to different areas of the path.

With traditional path light, the path light has a top hat. However, a directional path light has a directional head that’s able to be adjusted and swiveled.

Non-Traditional Path Lights

There are several ways that paths can be illuminated. One of the main factors is the location of the path and the surrounding area. For example, what can you do if the path runs through the middle of a turfed area – in a location where you should not put traditional path lights, and there aren’t any tall structures or established trees nearby for moon lighting? This is when lighting professionals get to have a bit of fun and come up with unique path lighting methods.

Call the Pros for Help with Your Path Lighting

If you want to enhance and illuminate your pathways throughout your yard and property, then the methods here should help you know what options are available. If you need help deciding which of these is right for your home and yard, then reach out to our team at The IDL Company. We can help you choose the right path lighting for your home and property and then ensure it is installed properly. Using our services is the smart way to go.