Keeping your grass and plants healthy in the summer months can be challenging. However, there are some tips that can help you maximize the effectiveness of your sprinkler system to ensure your plants remain looking great and reduce the amount of water you use. Four tips that will help you with this can be found here.

Audit Your Irrigation System

When you begin looking for ways to improve your home’s sprinkler system, you need to start by having an audit done by a professional. This type of in-depth analysis will help determine if there are any issues of if improvements could be made. A professional can also give you recommendations to ensure the system operates efficiently.

Replace the Old Sprinkler Heads

As the heads to your irrigation system get older, they aren’t going to operate as efficiently as they did when they were new. The majority of people have seen situations where the irrigation heads aren’t going to stop rotating and they wind up watering their driveway or the road. Or, in some cases, the heads don’t rotate at all and they stay fixed in one spot.

In many cases, the heads in question are worn out and old and need to be replaced. Remember, irrigation heads typically have a lifespan of eight to 10 years, which means it may be time to change them if this period of time is close.

Don’t Treat Your Sprinkler System as “Set it and Forget It”

In many situations, the irrigation schedule that you set during the spring, when you first turn on the system, is forgotten the rest of the warmer months. Keep in mind, scheduling your sprinklers isn’t a “set it and forget it” activity. You need to continually monitor the landscape to ensure it isn’t being over- or under-watered. Tweaking the system regularly ensures the needs of the plants are met.

Install a Master Valve

From time to time an irrigation system may develop a leak. This is typically unavoidable. In most cases, when leaks are detected quickly, repairs can be made. However, if the leaks aren’t visible, it may take several weeks to notice. If this occurs, you may lose a significant amount of water. To minimize this problem, you can install a master valve on the main line. This will be wired into your irrigation timer and one open when it is time to water the space.

Keeping your sprinkler system in efficient, operating order will keep your plants looking great and ensure you don’t waste water. If you need help, it is a good idea to hire the services of a professional. This will ensure that your sprinkler system doesn’t have any undetected issues.