If you are like most people, you have probably begun thinking about preparing the exterior of your home for warmer weather. Part of this process should include taking a look at the lighting scheme you have (if any) in your landscape.

For example, have you always wanted to host parties outside, but your deck or patio area doesn’t have adequate lighting? Or, is the path leading from your driveway to your front door difficult to see when you come home at night? In any of these situations, the right landscape lighting can make a huge difference in the function and aesthetics of your yard.

Here you can learn about five landscape lighting techniques you can use to help your yard glow.

  1. Path Lighting

To adequately light pathways in and around your yard, make sure you space the fixtures 10 to 15 feet apart. This will help you create “pools” of light. Also, stagger the fixtures you choose on each side of the path, which will help create a sense of balance.

You can also set the lights slightly away from the walkway, which will ensure you can see the path while highlighting nearby plants. If you are setting the lights in foliage, make sure the lights are a bit taller than the surrounding plants.

  1. Deck Lighting

Do you love spending time on your deck but hate how gloomy it appears after dark? If so, consider installing louvered, recessed deck lights, or louvered lights onto the stair risers that direct the light down. This allows you to safely go up and down the stairs, without being blinded.

Another option is to post a light over the riser, allowing you to illuminate two steps at the same time. If you have darker wood, then it may be a good idea to add a few additional lights.

  1. Water Feature Lighting

It isn’t always going to be necessary to submerge the lights to achieve the effect you want. You can light your waterfalls from behind, or even use a wash of light. This is much less expensive and won’t require as much maintenance when you keep the lights out of the water.

The preferred lamp is LEDs, as these will cost much less over time and have a lower amperage pull. Additionally, these lights will last longer than other options.

  1. Entryway Lighting

Light up your front (or back) door with lanterns and wall sconces that flank the door. You can also install recessed ceiling lights on your porch or patio roof. Be sure to consider the style of your home and find the lights that complement it.

  1. Hanging Tree Lighting

While this isn’t a must-have, like some of the other lighting options on the list, it can create an inviting ambiance in your yard. You can choose a low voltage power source and find an array of fixtures to choose from. With tree lights, you can even extend the outdoor living area into the yard.

If you are unsure what lighting options are right for your home’s landscape, then consider hiring the professionals. The team from The IDL Company can provide superior results and ensure you get the look you want in your landscape.