Lighting up your landscaping is considered one of the best and smartest investments you can make to improve your homes curb appeal. In fact, well designed lighting will show off the features in your landscape during all seasons of the year. You can make architectural features a focal point, or keep the corners or your home illuminated.

While there are quite a few options to choose from for your outdoor lighting, LED lights offer a number of benefits that other options do not.

Save Electricity and Money

One of the most appealing reasons homeowners choose to install LED lights in their landscaping over other options is because these lights can help them save both money and electricity. In fact, there are some LED bulb manufacturers that actually provide a life-time warranty on their LED fixtures.

In addition to the warranty, fixtures that use LED bulbs are up to 90 percent more energy efficient that other options. As a result, they will use less energy, helping a homeowner save more money.

Automation Benefits

Modern LED lighting fixtures can be designed to turn off and on automatically at pre-set times. What this means is that you don’t have to worry about flipping a switch when the sun goes down. There are some fixtures that even come with “light sensors” which means they know when the light has begun to fade.


LED outdoor lighting fixtures are designed to be bright. As a result, you can use these fixtures to illuminate your landscaping features and keep your home and property safe. After all, thieves want to find dark yards with lots of places to hide. If you have LED light fixtures installed, your entire yard will be lit up, making it unappealing to burglars.

Aesthetic Appeal

LED lights can make any yard or landscaping design look amazing. With these lights installed, your yard will look prettier, which increases the home’s curb appeal. This is an important feature if you are planning to sell any time soon.

Minimal Lamp Maintenance

Today’s LED bulbs are uniquely designed to be long lasting. As a result, you aren’t going to have to worry about going out and changing the bulb all the time. While you may have to wipe dust and other debris away from the fixture itself from time to time, the maintenance required by these fixtures is minimal.

If you are ready to experience all the benefits listed here – and more – contact the professionals to have your own LED landscape lighting installed. They will be able to evaluate your property and ensure the right types of lights are used.