There’s no reason for darkness to put a damper on your outside activities – regardless of what time of year it is. When you install the right outside lighting, you can keep the fun and festivities going long after the sun goes down and help protect your property from all types of unseen threats. Let all your preconceived notions of landscape lighting disappear as you read through the information here. This is where you can learn how a landscape or basic landscape lighting can create the ambiance you want while being functional. Let’s get started.

Security Lighting

Security lighting will consist of the brightest lights in your yard. The goal is to illuminate larger areas and scare off nefarious individuals and curious critters. This lighting is typically installed in higher locations, such as over the garage or the eaves, to cast wider beams of light onto main walkways or fence entrances.

For security purposes, your best bet is motion-sensing floodlights that are mounted to the exterior of your home. The intense light produced will expose prowlers and cause them to flee, regardless if you are home or not.

Path Lighting

With path lighting, you have fixtures that provide a soft to mid-level glow. They provide both ambiance and safety as the lights help you and others navigate paths while highlighting them. You can install this lighting along the path, on both sides, to ensure optimum illumination, safety, and aesthetic appeal.

You can also use path lighting to highlight a landscape feature, such as flower beds or a fountain. You can find path lighting in several options, including LED and solar fixtures.

Outdoor Wall Lighting

Modern outdoor wall lighting is a moderately bright, low-voltage form of accent and safety lighting used to illuminate and improve navigation through smaller, recessed areas of your yard, where shadows may be found. These light fixtures can be mounted on virtually any vertical surface, including over stairways, around seating areas, near pools, along the interior of your pergola, and more.


Lanterns provide low-voltage, soft accent lighting for smaller areas in your outside area. You can use lanterns to light up décor or architectural details. These are often installed near entryway doors to help highlight an ornate wreath, arch, or window.

Usually, lanterns feature a semi-flush mount, which consists of a metal-and-glass exterior attached to an affixed arm to a plate on the wall. However, you can also opt for battery-powered tabletop lanterns, which offer visual interest at eye level, all while illuminating elements you may need while outdoors. Try to find lanterns with translucent glass rather than clear glass, as they provide a glare-free option.

Are You Ready to Invest in Outdoor Lighting?

As you can see from the information here, there are several ways to use landscape lighting for function and ambiance. However, if you want to make sure you achieve this balance, hiring professionals is a must. If you are ready to enjoy all that professionally installed outdoor lighting has to offer, contact our team at The IDL Company today.