Most homeowners put quite a bit of time and effort into ensuring their home looks its best at all times. From pruning the bushes and mowing the lawn to sprucing up the exterior paint and keeping the driveway clear, your pride is quite visible – except when the sun goes down. Adding lighting to the exterior of the home offers a number of benefits. Some of the biggest reasons that homeowners are adding outdoor landscape lighting to their property are found here.

Aesthetic Appeal

The most common reason that a homeowner invests in exterior lighting for their home is because it is aesthetically pleasing. When this lighting is installed properly, it will increase the curb appeal of the home when it is dark out. You may have noticed that when you are driving through a neighborhood at night, it is difficult to see the features of a home’s landscape. Home’s that have installed exterior lighting will successfully accentuate the landscaping and architectural features of their home. This will help it stand out and be noticed, even when it is dark outside.


While the majority of homeowners will initially invest in exterior lighting because they love the aesthetics it provides for their home after the installation is complete, they will also realize the increased security that is offered. Security lighting does not have to be startling or harsh, it can actually be quite beautiful. Adding light to the outside of your home is the number one thing that can be done to increase overall security. Thieves are typically looking for an “easy target.” If your home is well lit, it will be a deterrent for would-be intruders.


If you like to spend time outside after dark or entertain friends and family, then lighting up the steps, paths, stairs and walkways will help to reduce the chance that you, or your guests, will trip and fall. In some cases, when you add lighting to the exterior of your home, it will also result in a reduction to your homeowner’s insurance because you are taking steps to improve the safety of your home.

Extend the Use of Your Outdoor Spaces

There are quite a few homeowners who love spending time on their patio or deck and who enjoy grilling outdoors. Others may have an outdoor pool and enjoying swimming late at night. If you want to successfully extend the use of your outside living space after the sun goes down, outdoor lighting is essential for ongoing enjoyment. If your outside space is well lit, then you will be able to relax in the safety of being able to see what you are doing.

When you have your exterior landscape lighting installed by a professional you can have confidence that it offers exactly what is needed in terms of security and aesthetic appeal. Take some time to discuss all the options to find the lighting that best suits your home and property, as well as how you like to spend time outdoors. Contact IDL Company today to see how they can help.