Light emitting diodes, more commonly referred to as just LED lighting, were first used commercially in the 1960s. Since that time, the technology behind LED lights has improved significantly. The initial applications were fairly simple and LED lights were only used for the red indicator lights found on electronic devices. However, with modern LED technology you will find a vast array of colors and intensity levels all featuring energy efficiency that continues improving.

As technology has become more advanced, the cost of LED lighting has dropped quite a bit. Applications that were prohibitively expensive in the past are now easy for virtually anyone to afford. This is why so many homeowners are actively converting their existing outdoor lighting design to a LED system. Some of the specific benefits, beyond cost savings, this change offers can be found here.

Minimal On-Going Maintenance

Using LED lamps for outdoor lighting needs will require very little continued maintenance. Offering an average lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, this means that each LED lamp can burn for up to 17 years in ideal conditions, running approximately eight hours every night. Even more importantly, the light output remains consistent throughout the lifespan of the bulb and consumes very little energy compared to typical halogen lamps.

Low Surface Temperature

Another benefit offered by using LED lamps outside is that the surface temperature remains cool. This provides increased safety for lighting used at ground-level and no energy loss because of excessive heat. LED lights are able to be installed in areas that are landscaped and that are easily accessed by pets and children. With other types of lighting that get extremely hot, this would present a rather hazardous situation.

Brighter Light than Other Options

LED bulbs are brighter than virtually any other type of outdoor lighting option available today. This means that they will help to better secure your property and home since they are so bright. These types of lights can be installed throughout the yard, on the home and even in and around bushes providing a superior level of protection that would not be possible with other outdoor lighting options.

Are LED Landscape Lights Right for You?

When you consider the factors of maintenance savings and low energy cost, the installation of new, LED landscape lighting will typically pay for itself within the year. If you are converting your existing system to LED lamps, you will likely recoup the initial expense in a period of two years. This makes it a smart, earth-friendly way to light up your property. You will also find that since the lights last so long, you won’t have to constantly be changing bulbs and checking the lamps to ensure they are always working.

While the initial investment of outdoor LED lights can be a bit high, it is well worth the investment. If you would like to learn more about LED outdoor lighting, or obtain an estimate for this system in your yard,contact the IDL Company today.