You have likely heard of LED or light-emitting diode landscape lighting. Unlike the standard incandescent and halogen bulbs that will heat a filament to create lights, LEDs are electronic. This means they create light when an electrical current moves through them.

Even though this difference may seem minor, the benefits offered by using LEDs in your landscape design are significant. Keep reading to learn what these benefits are.

Save Money

Because LED lights are considered low-voltage, they use less electricity than the halogen or incandescent bulbs you are likely more familiar with.

For example, if you are used to paying $100 each month for traditional bulbs, making LED lighting changes can help you save up to 80% or more. If you install LED lighting in your landscape, you will find significant savings that are reflected on your utility bill each month.

Energy Savings

With LED lights being so much more efficient than traditional lighting, it also means you will be using less energy. It is important to note that up to 95 percent of the energy in today’s LED bulbs will be converted into light, and up to five percent is only wasted as heat. This means that LED bulbs remain cool to the touch, reduces the risk of fire hazards, and minimizes the possibility of burns.

When you compare these to fluorescent lights, you will see the difference, as only five percent of these bulbs is converted to light while 95% is emitted as heat. This is one of the reasons these bulbs are so hot when touched.


Along with reducing energy waste, LED bulbs are considered eco-wise landscape lighting options because they are free from any type of toxic elements, such as mercury. As a result, there are no special recycling instructions you must follow.


It is possible to use LED bulbs in virtually every fixture you have. If you have existing landscape lighting in your yard, you can have the fixtures retrofitted to LED bulbs. When you retrofit your existing landscape lighting system using LEDs, it is an easy way to save money and energy, making it a worthwhile investment.


Do you want more control of the look of your home’s exterior at night? If so, installing LED outdoor lighting will make this happen. LEDs help to minimize “light pollution” because it creates directional light – this means it goes exactly where you want it.


LEDs are not encapsulated in glass. They do not use neon gas or filament. This makes LEDs much more durable than other types of lighting used outdoors. These lighting fixtures can stand up to shock, constant vibrations, and temperature fluctuations.

When it is time for you to install landscape lighting in your outdoor area, or if you are ready to update the lighting you have, contact our team at The IDL Company. We are here to help you with the landscape lighting needs you have.