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09 May 2016

Driveway Lighting Ideas for Curb Appeal and Safety

Have you ever arrived at someone’s house only to discover their driveway is so dark you actually had problems navigating down it? If you are unable to see the road, or driveway in this case, in front of you, you will likely be concerned about running into or hitting something on the property and be worried about if you are going the right way. Now, think about your home’s driveway. Would visitors have any problems at night?READ MORE

02 May 2016

Top Benefits of Investing in Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Most homeowners put quite a bit of time and effort into ensuring their home looks its best at all times. From pruning the bushes and mowing the lawn to sprucing up the exterior paint and keeping the driveway clear, your pride is quite visible – except when the sun goes down. Adding lighting to the exterior of the home offers a number of benefits. Some of the biggest reasons that homeowners are adding outdoor landscape lighting to their property are found here.READ MORE

18 Apr 2016

Will the Installation of an Irrigation System Damage Your Lawn?

Finding ways to keep the outside of your home looking its best is a concern you likely have. Having a healthy looking lawn is a great way for you to add more curb appeal to your home. The main ingredient to a great looking lawn is getting it the right amount of water to all the plants and grass. Trying to water the lawn by hand can be a bit of a hassle, which is why getting an irrigation system installed is quite beneficial.READ MORE

11 Apr 2016

Path Lighting Options for Ambiance and Safety

The night sky is quite striking – but it is only bright enough to light your way a few nights out of the month if that. Outdoor path lighting makes a huge difference when you go outside after the sun goes down. It helps to keep you safe up the driveway or down to your pool. Also, thanks to the low-voltage outdoor path light options now available, you don’t have to worry about your view of the night sky being ruined.READ MORE

28 Mar 2016

Tips to Prevent Drainage Issues this Spring

As spring arrives, you can enjoy the beautiful flowers, chirping birds and warmer weather; however, with all these positives, you are also faced with additional water and rain. As a result, you may find your yard becomes swampy, soggy and otherwise unmanageable due to this excessive water which means drainage issues.READ MORE

14 Mar 2016

Can Landscape Lights Be Set Up On a Timer?

Adding lights to the exterior of your home is a great way to increase the aesthetic appeal. With all of the lighting options out there, finding the right one will require a bit of research. Once the right lights are found, a person will have to start thinking about how they will control their new lights with ease. The best way to control the new landscaping lights you have is by getting a timer set up. With this timer, you will be able to set the exact moment you want your lights to turn on and off each day.READ MORE