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09 Sep 2019
Front Yard Lighting kansas city

5 Options for Lighting Your Front Yard

Using the right mix of front yard lighting is going to help enhance the safety of your home, along with its beauty and security.

While you may think all you need to do is to duplicate your backyard lighting in the front yard, there are different design objectives when lighting your front yard. For example, front yard lights work to deter unwanted visitors all while adding ambient lighting to your landscape and highlighting your home’s architecture.

1.    Step Lighting

You can make your house safer for you and your loved ones with this lighting. Without this lighting, you or someone else may trip over a step they can’t see. You can minimize injuries and liability by installing step lights. Believe it or not, step lighting is easy to install and offers a nice wash of light over the intended area.

2.    Brighten the Entryway

You probably remember a so-called “creepy” house at the end of your street from when you were a child. In most cases, this was probably a homeowner that hadn’t invested in entryway lighting.

Take a look at the homes nearby. Entryway lighting is easy to forget. If you have a bigger home and multiple points of entry, or if you live in a housing development with similar architecture to the other houses on the block, guests may have trouble seeing where to go at night and entryway lighting can be invaluable. Even better, this lighting can help you feel safer and more at ease when you answer your door at night.

3.    Make Your Home More Visible

It is frustrating to not see a home you are visiting because you are unable to see the house numbers clearly. It’s a good idea to buy illuminated address lighting to help eliminate this issue. Another option is to use directional lighting that points at your house numbers.

4.    Wall Lighting Fixtures

Outdoor wall lighting fixtures are becoming more popular for home décor because they combine beauty and function. There are more than a few art glass fixtures and old-world lantern options in the market that can help bring attention to the details of your home. If you have courtyard walls, cobblestone, climbing vines, or exposed brick, make sure you choose the best accent light to showcase them. These lights are also going to serve as guides for nighttime visitors.

5.    Show Off Nature

A directional spotlight – or two – are fantastic ways to turn architectural plant life in your yard into a real work of art. If you have some type of perennial, such as cactus or Japanese Wisteria, you can illuminate them at night and put their beauty on display.

Do You Need Help with Your Landscape Lighting?

If you need help planning the landscape lighting for your front yard, contact us. Our team at The IDL Company can help you get the desired results for your landscape.

02 Sep 2019
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