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25 Feb 2019
Tips to Ensure Your Sprinkler System isn’t Wasting Water

Tips to Ensure Your Sprinkler System isn’t Wasting Water

Wasting water isn’t only costly, it’s also not good for the environment. If you have suddenly noticed a significant increase in your water costs, then it may be due to your irrigation system. It could be an issue like a leaking sprinkler head, or something more complex as a broken water line. Regardless of the issue, it’s a good idea to figure out the underlying problem and have it fixed.READ MORE

18 Feb 2019
Common Threats to Your Home’s Irrigation System

Common Threats to Your Home’s Irrigation System

A nutrient-rich, well-watered yard is a happy and healthy yard. While it’s hard to say exactly why, green, healthy grass is easy on the eyes. At the end of the day, one of the key factors that ensure healthy, green grass is an irrigation system that works properly.READ MORE

11 Feb 2019
Benefits of Installing Energy Efficient Landscape Lighting

Benefits of Installing Energy Efficient Landscape Lighting

Do you love spending time outdoors? Is your backyard your mecca? Your haven? Your place to “get away from it all?” If so, then being able to enjoy it all hours of the day and night is likely a top priority. In fact, this may be so important that you have already invested in landscape lighting, which is great! However, if you aren’t using energy efficient bulbs and fixtures, you may be missing out on a number of appealing benefits.READ MORE

21 Jan 2019
Helpful Tips if Your Lawn is Always Dry When Should You Begin Getting Your Irrigation System Ready for Spring? Fall irrigation system preparations

Your Guide to Different Types of Sprinkler Heads

There are several sprinkler heads available on the market today, which means there’s an option to suit all types of irrigation needs. The water moving through a sprinkler passes through the primary line to the valve, then to the zone line and into the sprinkler head. The head extends up, out of the ground to spread the water around; however, each sprinkler does this a bit differently. When choosing sprinkler heads, you need to weight your options carefully to ensure the right ones are selected.READ MORE

15 Jan 2019
landscape lighting ideas

How Bright Should Your Outdoor Lights Be?

Landscape and outdoor lighting are a great way to help accent your home. However, if you are like many other homeowners, you may be unsure if you should install this type of lighting. While your spouse may be all for it, the other may not be as sure. They may imagine their house looking like a hotel on the Vegas strip – which isn’t something that’s very appealing to most. Or, they may have seen a house with outdated lighting that is a real eye sore.READ MORE

07 Jan 2019
The Latest Tech Trends in Landscape and Outdoor Lighting

The Latest Tech Trends in Landscape and Outdoor Lighting

The field of outdoor lighting is growing and as a result, new technologies are being introduced, which are expanding possibilities. The technology and design improvements in place are making the lights available much more efficient, and more adaptable. Are you interested in learning more about some of the innovative tech that’s available? If so, keep reading. Here you can learn about the tech innovations in outdoor lighting and how they can improve your home and property.READ MORE

26 Dec 2018
A Quality Sprinkler System. Can You Add Smart Control Features to Your Sprinkler System?

The Importance of a Sprinkler Blowout – What You May Not Know

When you add a sprinkler system to your property, you can reduce landscape maintenance requirements. In fact, when a high-quality system is installed, you can rely on it, season after season, to ensure your grass, plants and other live elements are properly cared for, without having to take time away from your busy day to do this manually. Even though modern sprinkler systems are pretty low maintenance, they do require attention from time to time.READ MORE