Watering your lawn throughout the year can be quite costly. A great way to help reduce some of these costs is by installing a smart sprinkler system. This feature will help you reduce your overall water bill and determine the best way – i.e. amount, duration, time, etc. – to water your lawn. When you utilize a smart, iPhone or Android controlled sprinkler system, you can save water, and even better, money.

An important factor you should keep in mind is that if you don’t have an irrigation system in your home, this is where you need to begin. Chances are you can find an irrigation system packages that includes smart functionality. If you currently have an irrigation system without a smart controller, then you just have to swap the method of operation being used.

If you are still on the fence regarding whether or not a smart irrigation system is right for you, consider some of the benefits offered.

Ability to Optimize Water Levels

With a smart sprinkler system installed, you can optimize the water levels based on factors such as weather predictions and soil moisture. This is achieved by using wireless moisture sensors that communicate with the controls of the smart irrigation system. This informs the device whether or not the landscape needs water. Also, there are some smart irrigation systems that receive local weather data, which helps determine if the landscape needs to be watered. This reduces the potential of your sprinkler system coming on in the middle of a rainstorm.

Easily Control Your Landscape and Irrigation Needs

With the smart irrigation systems, you will also have more control over your irrigation and landscape needs. Additionally, they come with the peace of mind that if you are away, the system can make decisions about when watering needs to occur independently. As a result, you will be able to save a substantial amount of money on water costs, because with automation and intelligent control, your irrigation system will be able to optimize the resources so that everything gets what is needed without excessive waste.

It’s Good for the Environment

An added benefit of smart controls for your irrigation system is the fact that it is good for the environment. While water is not as scarce in Kansas City as it is in places like California, reserving resources is still a priority. When you have a system that can determine when water is needed and when it’s not, you can reduce your environmental impact.

Smart home irrigation systems offer many benefits. If you want to have your irrigation system fitted with this feature, contact The IDL Company today. They can install a new system with these features, or add them to your existing irrigation system.