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12 Aug 2019
Why Traditional Lighting Isn’t the Best Outdoor Lighting

Why Traditional Lighting Isn’t the Best Outdoor Lighting

In the past, traditional lighting design focused on the concept that more was always better. Today, though, there are many lighting designers who continue to design to the desired specifications using various, outdated lux and lumen valves that were developed as far back as the 1960s, which was significantly before the prevalence of modern LEDs and the understanding of how light and the human eye interacted. READ MORE

06 Aug 2019
Common Mishaps that May Damage your Sprinklers

Common Mishaps that May Damage your Sprinklers

Sprinkler system maintenance and repair services are pretty common among both gardeners and homeowners. While automatic irrigation systems are growing in popularity, just like with any other mechanical item, they may break down and experience issues from time to time. READ MORE

17 Jun 2019
4 Shocking Home Burglary Statistics that Make Landscape Lighting a Must-Have

How the Right Landscape Lighting Can Improve Curb Appeal

When you install the right type of landscape lighting in the right way you can significantly improve your home’s curb appeal. Not only that, but this added lighting can also improve the overall security of your home. The key, of course, is to get it right. Learn about some of the most popular landscape lighting techniques here and find out how they can help improve your home’s curb appeal.READ MORE

04 Jun 2019

Tips to Avoid Overwatering Your Lawn and Garden

While this may seem obvious, overwatering is when your lawn or garden receives too much water on a daily basis. If over watering occurs, the plants may drown or develop root rot. If the issue is not corrected, over watering can easily kill your entire landscape.READ MORE