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13 Mar 2017
Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Landscape Lighting

Spring Cleaning for Your Landscape Lighting: The Importance of Maintenance

Are you excited for the arrival of grilling season? Can you smell the aromas and flavors in the air? With warmer weather quickly approaching, so is the ability to spend more time outdoors in the evening. If you have landscape lighting installed, now is a great time to have it serviced. The fact is, regular maintenance for your outdoor lighting will help to ensure its superior performance year after year and ensure everything is working properly. READ MORE

02 Jan 2017
commercial lighting

Lighting Tips to Help Your Business Shine

Do you have the right lighting solutions in place for your business? Regardless of if you run a B&B, hotel, restaurant, retail establishment or something else, you need exterior lighting that works. When you can illuminate your outdoor spaces properly, you may find it helps to draw more customers in than ever before. READ MORE

04 Sep 2015

Preparing Your Kansas City Lawn for Fall & Winter

Many KC home and business owners assume that once time rolls on into late September and October, Kansas City lawn care is done. The fact is, it’s important to prepare your lawn for the fall and winter seasons, you shouldn’t just ignore it until next spring! You want to care for your lawn properly during the fall months, so that it remains healthy when winter comes around and will be beautiful come next spring.READ MORE

12 Jul 2015

How to Repair Dead Spots in Your Lawn

Every homeowner wants a beautiful lawn, and dead spots can ruin the appeal of your landscape. If you’re a Kansas City area homeowner experiencing spots in your yard where it seems the grass has vanished, this can be remedied with just a little work so that your lawn once again has a lush, uniform appearance.READ MORE

01 Jul 2015

Kansas City Irrigation Professionals Offer 3 Tips

Whether you live in Overland Park, Lee’s Summit, Lenexa, Leawood, or any area around the Kansas City metro, most homeowners desire a beautiful green lawn that doesn’t take a substantial amount of work. Maybe you’ve spent a considerable amount of time and money in an attempt to improve the quality of the grass, or you simply want to make sure that it doesn’t turn brown before fall, spoiling your landscape. At IDL Company, we have a few tips to help ensure your lawn is its most beautiful this summer, without a ton of effort, time, and energy.READ MORE

08 Jun 2015

Watering Your Lawn & Landscape

Keeping your lawn and landscape looking its best requires watering – although we’ve certainly had plenty of rain as of late. However, when the rains finally stop and temperatures start heating up, watering your lawn at the right time is critical to its health and beauty. Whether you live in Overland Park, Leawood, or other areas around Kansas City, you want your lawn to look lush, green, and beautiful. Because IDL Company installs and repairs automatic sprinkler systems and provides other services important to a thriving lawn and curb appeal, we thought we would offer a few watering tips to help ensure your lawn and landscape looks its best throughout the summer months.READ MORE

13 Apr 2015

Is Your Kansas City Landscape ‘Up to Par’ for Spring and Summer Months?

As a trusted Kansas City lighting, irrigation, and drainage company, we know that when spring arrives, homeowners in the Leawood, Overland Park, Olathe, and surrounding areas want their lawns to be lush, beautiful, and attention-grabbing. Spring is here, and it’s time to bring your beautiful landscape out of hiding! While temperatures haven’t warmed up too much yet, it won’t be just a few days before homeowners will be out mowing their lawns, trimming the shrubs, adding mulch to the flower beds (or even a few new plants), and generally sprucing everything up.READ MORE