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01 Aug 2016
professional landscape lighting

Why Hire Professionals for Your Landscape Lighting Needs?

One of the best ways to show off your Kansas City area yard and home is by choosing and installing the right professional landscape lighting. When done properly, landscape lights can help to enhance the beauty of any home, improve overall curb appeal and even increase your home’s value. There are a couple of choices to consider when you are ready to light up your yard. You can purchase all the equipment on your own or you can hire a professional to not only design but also install the landscape lights for your property.READ MORE

25 Jul 2016
security of landscape lighting

Security Benefits Offered by the Installation of Landscape Lighting

While most homeowners begin looking at outside lighting to increase the curb appeal of their home, these lights, when placed strategically, offer other benefits, as well – safety and security. A well- designed landscape lighting plan will not only make your home look more appealing, it will also help to keep would-be intruders at bay and minimize the potential of accidents after dark. Some of the specific benefits offered by landscape lighting for a home’s security and safety can be found here.READ MORE

21 Jun 2016
quality landscape lighting, outdoor lighting

Tips to Kid and Pet Proof Your Landscape Lighting

If you have kids or own pets, you know how rambunctious they both can be while playing in the yard. While these actions are preferred outdoors, this can mean trouble for your landscape lighting. If you want to create a space that utilizes quality lighting, while still being safe and kid and pet-proof, use the tips here. The fact is, your yard can look great and be a safe place for your kids and pets to play – during the day and night.READ MORE

06 Jun 2016

Signs Your Outdoor Lighting Needs Maintenance

Grilling season has finally arrived! You can step outside and smell the barbecues being fired up all across Kansas City. This means that you will likely be spending more time outdoors, as well, especially during the evening when it is cooler outside. If you have a landscape lighting system installed, it is the ideal time to have it serviced. With regular outdoor lighting maintenance, your lights will work without issue year after year. However, if you aren’t sure whether or not this is something you need to invest in, learn about some of the signs of a problem with your landscape lighting here.READ MORE

31 May 2016

Landscape Lighting Spring Maintenance Checklist

It is finally time to emerge from winter hibernation and enjoy the warmer, longer days ahead. There is no question that the warmth of spring is beckoning people all over the Kansas City area outdoors once again. However, before you uncover the patio furniture and dust off the walkway, there are a few spring maintenance tasks to take care of. One of these is to inspect and service all of your exterior, landscape lighting. Don’t worry, while may seem like a huge undertaking, here you will find a detailed list of everything you should do to keep your lighting working great throughout the season.READ MORE

09 May 2016

Driveway Lighting Ideas for Curb Appeal and Safety

Have you ever arrived at someone’s house only to discover their driveway is so dark you actually had problems navigating down it? If you are unable to see the road, or driveway in this case, in front of you, you will likely be concerned about running into or hitting something on the property and be worried about if you are going the right way. Now, think about your home’s driveway. Would visitors have any problems at night?READ MORE

02 May 2016

Top Benefits of Investing in Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Most homeowners put quite a bit of time and effort into ensuring their home looks its best at all times. From pruning the bushes and mowing the lawn to sprucing up the exterior paint and keeping the driveway clear, your pride is quite visible – except when the sun goes down. Adding lighting to the exterior of the home offers a number of benefits. Some of the biggest reasons that homeowners are adding outdoor landscape lighting to their property are found here.READ MORE

11 Apr 2016

Path Lighting Options for Ambiance and Safety

The night sky is quite striking – but it is only bright enough to light your way a few nights out of the month if that. Outdoor path lighting makes a huge difference when you go outside after the sun goes down. It helps to keep you safe up the driveway or down to your pool. Also, thanks to the low-voltage outdoor path light options now available, you don’t have to worry about your view of the night sky being ruined.READ MORE