Cold Temperatures Have Arrived in Kansas City, But There’s Still Plenty to Do to Prepare Your KC Irrigation System For Winter!

Temperatures are dropping fast in the Kansas City area, which means the trees are losing their leaves and the flowers fading. Winter months for many people mean less lawn maintenance, but the surroundings can be drab. Even though we won’t see beautiful colors again until next spring, there are plenty of winter projects you could (and in some instances, should) undertake.

At IDL Company, our primary business is in landscape lighting, drainage, irrigation, and sprinkler system installation and winterization. While you may get the impression winter months would be slow for our team, quite the opposite is actually true. Fall and winter months are when many homeowners have storm water drains installed, and irrigation systems custom built and designed to your specific needs.

The time of year to have an irrigation system installed is during colder months, before you really need it for watering of trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants during spring and summer months. We understand that all landscapes and terrains are different in terms of soil, sloping, low spots, and other factors. Our goal is to design a customized solution that provides you with an efficient irrigation system that is effective, and reduces your workload during warmer months. Why drag water hoses and sprinklers around when you don’t have to, hoping you get the proper amount of water on each area? Not to mention putting it all back in place after you’re through watering, which can be a real hassle.

The installation of underground drainage systems or downspout and French drains is also important for many homeowners with drainage issues. Not only is it important to protect the environment by preventing runoff of storm water into waterways, lakes, and storm drains, proper drainage is also vital to protecting your property and managing excess water.

For a beautiful landscape there is much more to it than simply planting beautiful trees and designing flower beds filled with colorful flowers, then mowing the lawn when it needs it. Proper irrigation eliminates guesswork when it comes to watering, and our drainage systems are ideal for homeowners who want to be sure they are in compliance with federal, state, and local laws regarding the management of storm water.

At IDL Company, we are committed to providing Kansas City homeowners with superior Kansas City sprinkler system service and systems that you can rely on for years to come. Cold temperatures may have arrived, but there is still plenty to be done in the great outdoors! For all of your landscape lighting, irrigation, or drainage needs, count on the most reputable team in the business.