Sprinkler system maintenance and repair services are pretty common among both gardeners and homeowners. While automatic irrigation systems are growing in popularity, just like with any other mechanical item, they may break down and experience issues from time to time.

There are some steps that can be taken if your sprinkler system is having problems and tips on what to do when you are in need of repairs.

Leaky Pipes

Have you noticed your lawn is flooded, sodden, or soaked? If so, it’s a good indication that your sprinkler pipe is leaking. Another indication of a leaky pipe is if there’s a weaker than normal water spray or a loss of pressure.

Unfortunately, there are an array of reasons a pipe may leak, from improper installation, to the freeze and thaw cycle, and more. It’s best to call the professionals for repairs to handle this issue.

Problems with the Motor

If the sprinkler spray seems to be feeble and weak, but the lawn isn’t wet, the issue is somewhere else. Sometimes, it can be due to an issue with the system’s motor. Motor problems can occur due to an overworked system, as well as an array of other issues. This is another situation when calling the professionals for help is best.

Damaged Sprinkler Heads

Lawnmowers, trimmers, vehicles – the things that can cause damage a sprinkler head are vast. However, a broken sprinkler head isn’t the only issue that may occur.

Mechanism issues, caked-on mud, and debris can also cause a problem. Usually, repairs for issues with the sprinkler head are pretty straightforward and affordable. However, it’s best to fix the issue sooner, than later.

If a head is unable to pop-up properly or if it is damaged, the excess pressure may build up, resulting in a leak in the pipe. Once you find a problem, be sure to turn the pump off right away.

Blocked Mechanism

Rocks, gravel, grass clippings, and other objects can get caught up in the sprinkler’s mechanism. If this happens, the sprinkler won’t rotate like it is supposed to. This is usually a sign of an older system that may need to be replaced, too.

Proper Maintenance Can Help

The good news is, while damage and issues are inevitable, you can avoid many problems by investing in proper maintenance. This will prevent serious issues and ensure that smaller issues are found and addressed before they become more extensive and expensive.

Call for Help from the Pros

When it comes to your home’s sprinkler system, there are more than a few issues that have to be considered and addressed on a regular basis. Being informed is the best way to ensure that any problem is addressed and fixed.

If you have any questions about your sprinkler system or need repairs, make sure to call our team at The IDL Company. We can help ensure you get the repairs, service, and maintenance you need, regardless of the issue present.