Do you take pride in how your lawn and yard look? If so, you know keeping your plants and grass watered is essential to keeping it healthy and green. While you can do things the old-fashioned way, pulling the water hose across the ground, there is a better option – an automated sprinkler system.

Sprinkler System Mistakes

If you made the investment years ago to have a sprinkler system installed, you know how beneficial it can be. However, did you know you may not be using it correctly? It’s true, there are some common mistakes that people make with their sprinkler system that could be resulting in higher costs and issues with their lawn.

The best way to avoid these mistakes is to know what they are. Keep reading to find out what the most common sprinkler related mistakes are.

Treating the Landscape as a Single Entity

You may see your landscape as a single unit, but is it? Your property and lawn have different zones and climates that are better for different types of plants. While one part of the yard has grass, another may have mostly trees or shrubs and shade. As a result, the watering needs are likely unique. Be sure that your sprinkler covers the zones properly.

Watering Too Much

While it is important to water your lawn and garden, watering too much can be bad. Too much water means there may not be enough drainage. This can cause the roots to rot, and eventually kill the grass above. Sometimes, about an inch per week in less frequent, deeper watering may be just what your lawn needs to thrive.

Setting the Sprinkler and Never Adjusting It

If you forget to turn the water off in the morning, it can be bad for your lawn. Be sure to adjust the timing from time to time and consider what season it is, the weather, the length of the days, and when it was last watered. Don’t set your sprinkler every week the exact same way and never make adjustments. Just a little attention to this detail can go a long way.

One way to solve this problem is with an automatic sprinkler. This will ensure you can adjust the amount of water your lawn gets and when it gets it with the press of a button. If you don’t have this feature on your existing sprinkler system, call the professionals for an upgrade.

Call the Pros for Help with Fixing Sprinkler System Mistakes

If you aren’t sure if you are making mistakes with your sprinkler system, let us check things out. Our team can provide a full sprinkler system inspection and help ensure everything is working properly and efficiently. Contact our team at The IDL Company to learn more.