A nutrient-rich, well-watered yard is a happy and healthy yard. While it’s hard to say exactly why, green, healthy grass is easy on the eyes. At the end of the day, one of the key factors that ensure healthy, green grass is an irrigation system that works properly.

If you don’t have a properly functioning, healthy sprinkler system, your grass may start to suffer during the summer months. There are several things that can cause damage or problems, including tripping over a sprinkler head, your puppy that got a bit too rowdy, or other factors that cause damage and problems.

Getting to know some of the most common threats can help you take steps to prevent damage. Keep reading to learn what these threats are.

The Cold

There’s no question that the winter temperatures in Kansas City can be both harsh and unforgiving. While there’s no way to avoid the cold weather, you can take steps to protect your sprinkler system when things are chilly out.

During the fall, you need to make sure to invest in sprinkler blowout services. By doing this, you won’t have to worry about the pipes freezing when the weather gets severe.

Your Lawn Mower

All the tools that you use to keep your grass trimmed, healthy, and looking nice is also a tool that can cause serious damage to your sprinkler system. While your sprinkler heads are usually on the sides and in the corners of your yard, any larger area of grass may have a sprinkler head closer to the middle. If the head doesn’t go completely down (like they should) the you may have a problem when it is time to mow the lawn.

A great way to prevent this type of damage is to take note of any sprinkler heads that aren’t going down properly, and call for repairs from the professionals. They can ensure the sprinkler head retracts properly and that it is not at risk of damage.

Your Four-Legged Friend

If you are like most people, having a dog makes you happy and even improves your life. While dogs are amazing companions, they can also get excited and riled up, leaving your sprinkler heads trampled and broken. In some cases, your precious pup may even chew on a protruding sprinkler head, which also isn’t ideal.

While you may not want to blame a broken sprinkler head on your pup, this is a common problem and one you need to meet head on. Be sure to train your dog not to chew on them, and ensure they are properly retracting into the ground. This will help prevent potential issues.

If you want to ensure your irrigation system continues working properly year after year, then being aware of the issues here is important. If your sprinkler system is having issues, then call the professionals at The IDL Company for help.