A nutrient rich, healthy yard is a happy, great-looking yard. While you may not know the exact reason, you do know that green, healthy grass is easy on the eyes, and something that everyone can appreciate. However, if you don’t have a properly operating sprinkler system, you may find your grass and other living elements begin to suffer. Regardless of what caused the sprinkler system issue, it’s absolutely essential to have it fixed – and quickly.

One of the best ways to avoid serious damage and suffering plant life is by knowing some of the most common issues that a sprinkler system may experience. Keep reading to find out what these are.

Cold Weather

Kansas City winters can be harsh and unforgiving. While this isn’t the case for other parts of the world, it is here. Unfortunately, all the snow, ice and frigid temperatures can wreak havoc on your irrigation system.

As a result, during the fall months of the year you need to call your trusted sprinkler repair company and find out about blowout services. You won’t regret making this investment. However, if you fail to schedule this service, come spring, your wallet will definitely regret it!

Your Lawn Mower

While this is a bit ironic, it’s true – the very piece of equipment you rely on to keep your yard looking healthy and well-manicured year-round, can also cause quite a bit of damage to your sprinkler system. While most sprinkler heads are installed along the sides and at the corners of your lawn, bigger areas of grass have sprinkler heads that are close to the middle. If they aren’t able to go completely down – like they are designed to do – then you may have an issue if you hit the head with your lawn mower.

The good news is, the professionals can easily fix this all-too-common issue. Not only can they repair sprinkler heads damaged by the lawn mower, they can also fix issues leading to the sprinkler head not retracting completely into the ground.

Your Furry Friend

If you are like most people, your life would not be complete without your furry, four-legged friend. However, while dogs are amazing companions, they can often become overly excited or even get riled up, causing damage to your sprinkler heads.

Regardless if the dog chews it up, hits it with an over-sized stick, or accidently hits it while running by, any damage needs to be addressed right away. The professionals can also hep with any damage that may occur due to this situation.

As you can see, there are several issues that may occur with your sprinkler system. Knowing the common problems can help you avoid them, and the expensive repair bills that often follow. If you do need help with your sprinkler system – for any reason – be sure to call the professionals from The IDL Company.