Living in Kansas City means that you know how cold winter can be. You also know how often the ground freezes and the havoc it can cause. If you have an irrigation system, it is imperative that you call the professionals for winterization. Failure to do this can result in serious consequences and costly repairs when spring arrives.

What is Winterization?

The winterization process for your sprinkler system involves a professional coming to your home and removing all the water from the sprinkler heads, valves and pipes. It is absolutely essential to do this before the first freeze of the season.

While there are some homeowners who may want to try and handle this process on their own, it typically isn’t a good idea. If you use too much air pressure to blow the water out, it can cause damage to the pipes and other sprinkler components. A professional service will know what to do and how to ensure no damage occurs to the system during the winterization process.

Consequences of Failing to Winterize Your Sprinkler System

Winters in Kansas City and surrounding areas can be severe. In fact, there have been some winters that the ground has frozen up to three feet deep. If a pipe becomes frozen, it will shatter – just like glass. At this point, the only option will be to replace the entire damaged part. In some cases, only 10 feet of pipe will have to be replaced, but if you failed to winterize your sprinkler system, then you may have to replace all the pipe. Having to dig up and replace an entire irrigation system can get extremely costly.

Another issue that may arise during cold weather is with the backflow preventer valve. This is what keeps the irrigation water from entering into the drinking water lines. This is the only part of your sprinkler system that is aboveground. If water is left in the lines, this component may crack and split. Replacing this costs more than $300 in many cases.

Prevention is Much More Affordable than Repair and Replacement

When you invest in winterization now, you can avoid any issues with your sprinkler system in the spring. Keep in mind, if you have to repair or replace various parts (or all) of your sprinkler system, it can cost quite a bit. Winterization is extremely affordable and can be extremely helpful.

If you are ready to schedule your winterization for your sprinkler system, contact us at The IDL Company today.