Are you interested in creating a beautiful landscape for your home while saving water? If so, it’s not just a pipe dream. There are some effective tips you can use to begin conserving water in your landscape while leaving your property beautiful and healthy. Keep reading to learn what these tips are for conserving water in your landscape.

Start Early

When it comes to watering, you have to plan ahead. Try to plant any new foliage in the spring. This will help you keep these new plants out of the full force of the summer heat, right away. Also, plants don’t need as much water to become acclimated to their new home in the spring than in the warmer months.

Choose Native Plants

As you choose what plants to put in your yard, try to choose native and drought-resistant options. These will usually require less maintenance and little water once they are established. Depending on the plants you choose, you may be able to rely on rain alone to keep them hydrated and healthy.

Add Mulch and Compost

Use compost when you are planting and once this is done, cover the area with mulch. The compost is beneficial because it helps keep the water near the roots of the plants and the mulch keeps the water from evaporating. Be sure that you leave some space around the base of every plant, but don’t create mulch mounds around the trees and plants.

Make Your Lawn Smaller

Did you know that the average household in America uses approximately 320 gallons of water every day? Almost 30% of this water is used outside the home. Over half of all outdoor water is used for watering gardens and lawns. Consider replacing some of that grass with a more attractive groundcover that is resistant to drought, covers a large area, and that doesn’t require you to mow or maintain it.

Consider Super Soaking

Almost a third of all water from your sprinklers will evaporate during the heat of the day. A better option to this is to give your plants fewer, heavy soakings. If you have to use sprinklers, you should only use them in the morning.

Capture Rainwater or Reuse Greywater

If you capture rainwater or reuse greywater, you will have a free source for your landscape irrigation. You can easily install these systems and incorporate them into sprinkler systems that are currently in place.

Call the Pros to Learn More on Conversing Water for Your Landscape

Are you ready to learn more about saving water in your yard or with your irrigation system? If so, now is the time to contact the professional team a The IDL Company. This will help ensure the yard and landscape elements remain healthy throughout the year. Being informed and knowing what to do to save water while keeping your lawn healthy is beneficial for any home and property. Contact the professionals today to learn more.