With winter finally loosening its grip on Kansas City, you are probably anxious to throw off all the extra lawyers of clothing and get outside for some fresh air. After you have cleaned away all the winter debris, you need an effective way to highlight all your hard work. The question is, how do you even get started when creating a landscape lighting plan?

The good news is, you can find some useful tips to help ensure you illuminate your yard in an appealing way that makes springtime even more fun.

Patio or Porch Lighting

Are you planning on hosting garden parties or barbeques? If so, you are likely going to need a bit of extra light when the sun starts to go down. A great way to illuminate your porch and patio area is by installing wall or overhead lighting.

For overhead lighting, consider using recessed lights. This provides a modern appearance for your outdoor entertainment area. For a more traditional design, consider installing pendant or hanging lights. Not only do these illuminate the space, they are also a nice décor element. In addition to lighting, consider installing a fan for when the temperatures go up. Also, dimmers can help you create the right ambiance for a romantic evening or fun party.

Wall lighting is also a popular option. These fixtures can help you dress up your door while lighting up the space. There are more than a few styles to choose from including modern style sconces and classic lantern designs. To frame your back door, consider installing a wall light on each side. This creates an inviting look.

Garden and Yard Lighting

Installing the right lighting in your garden or yard can help illuminate the space while creating a fun and festive atmosphere. Some of the most popular types of garden and yard lighting include:

  • Pathway lights: Not only do these look nice, they also let visitors know where to (and not to) walk.
  • Landscape lights: Easily and effectively show off the landscaping of your home, including the garden or flowerbed you are so proud of. Low level lights are ideal for highlighting your flower beds; however, make sure you don’t put your lights in front of plants that grow quickly because they may be obscured eventually.
  • Architecture lights: Even though the time for holiday lights has passed, you can still highlight the architecture of your home. You can install lighting near sculptures or along the eves or trim of your home.  

If you are unsure of how to use landscape lighting in and around your yard, contact the professionals from The IDL Company. They can help you come up with a custom landscape lighting design that highlights all the best parts of your patio and yard.