When you are ready work on the lighting for your outdoor space, there’s no question – a little goes a long way. This is because your eyes don’t need as much light outside as they do inside.

If you are ready to plan your outdoor space landscape lighting, start by walking around your yard in the dark. Try to envision how you will use the yard and space at night and then tailor the landscape lighting design to meet those needs. When you are ready to purchase landscape lights, consider the fixtures and layout carefully. You can use some of the tips found below to help you with this process, as well.

The Basics of a Landscape Lighting Design Plan

The way you see light during the day is different from how it is seen at night. This is particularly important when it comes to lighting paths or any outdoor area. While this is true, some principles are related to lighting that is true for both indoors and outdoors.

For example, all lighting can be divided into three lawyers based on its function. This includes:

  1. Overall lighting
  2. Task lighting
  3. Accent lighting

Along with different lighting types, you have to figure out what type of bulbs you want to use. Common options include:

If your landscape lights are near your home or another building, you can wire them into the system. However, if this isn’t possible, you can consider solar-charged landscape lighting.

Proper Placement for Your Landscape Lighting

You can install landscape lighting almost anywhere. However, there are some areas of a yard that need it more than others.

Paths and Walkways

Having well-lit walkways and paths is not only welcoming but a must. It helps create a welcoming yard and makes walking less hazardous. You don’t need very much illumination, and choosing downlights can help eliminate glare.


Install lights on each side of your door or overhead. This will create a welcoming glow to enter your home.


Using low-voltage landscape lighting, which is much easier to install than other options, is a smart option for your driveway.


If you have steps in your outdoor area, you should ensure they are properly lit for safety purposes. You can light the treads or risers based on your needs.

Patios and Decks

You can use landscape lighting to illuminate a specific area on your patio or deck, like your outdoor kitchen or grilling area, or you can use it for the seating areas and railings. You can also use uplighting in this area to create an indirect lighting effect.

Getting Started with Your Landscape Lighting Design Plan

When it is time to create a design plan for your landscape lighting, several factors must be considered. Be sure to keep the information here in mind to get the best quality lighting that will help you enjoy your outdoor area more. If you need help with your landscape lighting design, be sure to contact our team at The IDL Company.