Your sprinkler system works throughout the warmer months of the year, providing sufficient water to your lawn and plants. Regardless of the configuration or size of your sprinkler system, it’s crucial to stay proactive when it comes to maintenance and care. With the cooler months moving in, there are some homeowners who ignore their sprinkler system until spring; however, this isn’t a good move. Instead, use the tips for fall sprinkler maintenance, which are found here.

Inspect all the System Components

It’s important to inspect your sprinkler system regularly, but especially before it is turned off for fall. Look for any problems, such as leaks or other damage that requires repairs. The sooner you can find these issues with your sprinkler system, the better.

When you address issues proactively, you can avoid having to pay for bigger repairs down the road.

Look for Leaks

The good news is, if your sprinkler system is leaking, there are going to be tell-tale signs of the issue. Some of the signs of a sprinkler system leak include puddling water, lower than normal water pressure, and higher water bills.

Sometimes, you can fix a leak just by tightening a loose connection. However, it may be necessary to replace lines, hoses, and certain gaskets to fix more significant leaks. It’s a good idea to get in touch with the professionals if you can’t handle this repair on your own.

Monitor System Performance

After turning your sprinkler system on, make sure to watch it for a little while to see if there are any problems. Look for any signs of a leak and find any areas where water has started to pool. You can also look for signs that certain plants are being under- or over-watered.

By monitoring your sprinkler system’s performance from time to time, you can find any problems that are easily corrected by making adjustments to your settings or changes in the placement of various water lines and sprinklers.

Adjust the Flow

When the weather gets wetter and colder, it is a good idea to adjust the flow settings. During the summer months, there is a need for more water to ensure the plants remain healthy. During the winter and fall, you can scale back water usage to account for the changes in the weather.

By adjusting the settings, you can improve your system performance and help prevent cases of overwatering your plants. It’s also going to help improve your system efficiency and help you save money on your water bill.

Replace or Repair Any Parts as Needed

If there are issues with your system, you need to make sure they are repaired quickly. If you wait too long, the problem is going to become more serious and cost more to repair.

Don’t Wait – Begin Fall Sprinkler Maintenance Now

If you want to have confidence that your sprinkler system is fall-weather ready, we can help. At The IDL Company, we have a team of professional and trained individuals who can provide the services you need, for a price you can afford. Contact us today!