Backyard gardens have always been havens for homeowners. It provides them a place to relax and unwind or to entertain friends when the weather permits. There are some homeowners who go to great lengths to include landscaping elements that make their area feel private, inviting and lush.  Today, many homeowners are working to create indoor and outdoor living spaces that seamlessly blend into one another. However, if you plan on using your outside garden space during the evening hours when the frogs are serenading and the crickets are chirping, then you may need a bit more than just moonlight to keep your party going. Some of the top ways to enhance your landscaping with outdoor lighting can be found here.

Light Up Your Water Features

While part of creating a beautiful landscaped garden may be including beautiful flowers and bushes, you can also add water features to make it even more appealing. Not only can you enjoy the sound of the flowing water, but you can also use in-water lighting to create a dim effect or use accent lighting around your water element.

Install Remote Control Lighting

If you really want to “wow” your guests, you should consider installing remote control lighting. With just the push of a button, you can easily and quickly light up your entire outside space. Just like you can control your heating and cooling system, lights, appliances and more with a smartphone and app, you can do the same with your outside lighting.

Combine Safety and Landscape Lighting

When creating a landscaping garden design, you should remember the old saying, “form follows function.” What this means is that you should figure out the design elements first and ensure they will serve their intended purpose prior to thinking about the aesthetics of the space.

If you are installing landscape lighting so you can see at night, you need to make sure it is installed near paths and entryways so people can easily and clearly see where to go. Also, these lights will help to show off the architectural features in your yard. While combining these two things can be a bit tricky, when you think about where lighting needs to be for safety purposes, as well as how you would like to showcase your yard’s features, you will be able to create a symbiotic lighting plan.

When you take the time to really plan out your landscape lighting, you will discover there are a number of ways you can enhance the space. However, if you find yourself struggling, you can also call in the professionals at IDL Company. They will not only be able to install the lighting, but also help you come up with a plan of where the lights should go. When you know what to do and have some help, you will find illuminating your landscaped yard is actually easy and that it looks great in the end.