When landscape lighting is used properly, it can completely transform the outside of your property and effectively showcase your home’s and lawn’s best features, all while keeping a low-key presence. It can add quite a bit of elegance and beauty, but also improve safety, as you can easily see in the dark.

Also, consider the increased security this lighting provides, regardless of if you are home, or not. The right landscape lighting design can provide you with an amazing backdrop, enhancing the function and form of your entire outside area.

If you want to make the most of the landscape lighting that is ultimately installed, be sure to keep the tips and information found here in mind.

Determine the Purpose of Your Landscape Lighting

Before purchasing any fixtures of lighting components, think about why you are installing it to begin with. For example, do you want to create a romantic, soft ambiance for the evening hours? Or, do you have a shadowy garden or bench area you want to illuminate for security purposes? You may need to create a lighting outline for the path in your garden or highlight the features of your pond or garden.

It doesn’t matter how you plan to use the lighting, you just need to figure out why it is being installed before buying anything.

Make a Sketch of Your Yard

Once you have defined the reasons you want to add landscape lighting to your yard, take some time to sketch your outside space. Include all of the lights you currently have, as well as any buildings, shrubs, trees, benches, and decorations or vegetation in your garden. Each of the items in your yard are going to either absorb or reflect the light and knowing this can help you make a better lighting plan. Also, be sure to estimate the height of each of the items in your outside space – especially the foliage. Keep in mind, if you aren’t sure you are up to this part of the process, the pros can help and do this for you.

Lighting Location

It’s important to match the lighting fixtures to certain parts of your yard. For example, you may want to illuminate a bench you have outside, near a path, with a pole-type lamp behind it. You can achieve a soft mood by hiding your landscape lighting fixtures under shrubs and other foliage. If you are trying to illuminate a path, then you may want to use shorter stake lights on the border, on both sides or just one side. For water fountains, you can enhance it with a spotlight, and ponds benefit from soft lighting around the perimeter.

Keep in mind, the more lights you install the more expensive the project is going to get. If you want to ensure you stick to a certain budget, while getting the desired results, consider hiring the professionals. The team at The IDL Company can provide you with an amazing outdoor lighting design that will help you make the most of your outside space.