There is no question that enjoying an evening outdoors during the summer is fun for everyone. However, did you know there is something that could make it even better? With the right landscape lighting, you can create an array of visual effects and enhance your property’s beauty while enjoying your outdoor space in a whole new way. Some of the best options to enhance your landscape with outdoor lighting can be found below.

Accent Lighting

With the right accent lighting, you can create scenes that mimic the natural effects of moonlight in the trees or that highlight the architectural features of your property. With the right accent lighting, you can draw attention to certain features, and add drama to your outside space by focusing attention on outdoor walkways, architectural features, yard art, trees, gardens, and almost anything else. You can also change the effect of the accent light by adjusting its angle.


The grazing technique is ideal for highlighting interesting stonework or textures. It helps to add dimension and depth to stonework, brick, stucco, and other architectural features of your building or home. Grazing creates a subtle and even ambient light and can best be achieved by using a low-wattage, wide-angle floodlight. To create the grazing effect, up-lights or spread-lights must be placed six to eight inches in front of the wall with the beams directed up.


Shadowing works by projecting the look of any object, like yard art or a tree, onto a surface located behind it. When the light fixture is placed at the base of the item in your yard and aimed at an adjacent wall, it will create a soft shadow. This type of outdoor lighting technique works well with trees that have delicate, open foliage. Also, shadowing creates drama since lighting up an object from the ground and angling it up can create a larger-than-life effect.

Silhouette Lighting

This effect is like shadowing and achieved by installing a spotlight behind a feature in your yard and aiming it toward an adjacent wall. The goal in this situation is to create a dark outline of the object to highlight an interesting shape. Light-colored or smooth surfaces work well with this technique and ensure a sharply defined silhouette is created.

Mirror Lighting

If you have a water feature in your landscape, you can’t go wrong by adding landscape lighting to it. The mirror lighting technique can create a dreamlike water scene by lighting the background areas or bodies of water. It is also possible to use this technique to help enhance and highlight water that is flowing in streams and waterfalls.

Get Help with Your Landscape Lighting

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