The right landscape lighting can transform your entire property. It can be used to showcase your home and property’s best features, all while keeping a subtle and low-key presence. It can add elegance and beauty to your outdoor area and improve safety since it helps you see better in the dark. Even better, landscape lighting enhances your home security, regardless of if you are home or away.

If you want to ensure you get the transformative benefits from the landscape lighting installed, use the tips and information found here.

Determine the Purpose of Your Landscape Lighting

Before purchasing landscape lighting, determine what its purpose is. For example, do you want to set a soft and romantic mood for the evening hours? Or is there a dark garden corner or fountain you want to be illuminated for security purposes? You can also line your garden path with lights to mark the boundaries or highlight a special feature, such as a pond or fountain.

Along with determining what the light will be used for, you should set a project budget. This will help ensure you get the highest-quality lighting options within your budget.

Create a Sketch of Your Yard

Once you have figured out why you want landscape lighting, make a rough sketch of your yard. Include any existing elements you have, such as shrubs, garden beds, benches, buildings, and lights. Remember, each of the items present with either absorb or reflect the new light being installed, so plan accordingly.

Lighting Location

Match the reasons you decide to install landscape lighting to specific locations in your yard. For example, if you want to light up a bench, the best option may be a pole-style lamp. You can create a softer ambiance by hiding the lighting beneath shrubs. If you are lining a path, you may need shorter stake lights along the border, on either one or both sides. You can enhance water fountains with spotlights and ponds with lighting fixtures around the perimeter.

Effort Considerations

How much effort do you want to put into the project? For example, 120-volt lighting takes much more effort than others. In most cases, hiring professionals to help with this is best, as well, because of the electrical components involved.

Another option, which requires less effort is low-voltage landscape lighting. Regardless of what you pick, working with the professionals may be best since they can help you with every step of this process.

Contact The IDL Company to Learn More

If you are ready to move forward with the right landscape lighting project for your yard, be sure to contact The IDL Company for help. Their team of trained professionals can ensure you get the lighting results you want and need for a price you can afford.