Smart technology is becoming more popular in and around the home. It’s more efficient and makes life easier. There is no reason that smart sprinkler controls should not be used outside to help with your yard and landscape, too.

With a smart irrigation controller, you can water your landscape automatically and enjoy features that allow you to adjust the watering schedule and amount based on the type of plant, weather, and an array of other things. Some of the more specific benefits offered by smart irrigation can be found below.

Save Money by Reducing Water Waste

Depending on the type of smart sprinkler controls you choose, it can adjust for the weather, the plant you are watering, the slope, and soil type. Some smart controllers also offer more site-specific water adjustments. This means they can adjust for the micro-climate on your property, which reduces the risk of overwatering.

You can also adjust your controllers with your phone and easily find leaks that may be impossible to find with low-tech controllers.

Enhanced Landscape Beauty and Health

Are you worried that making a move to a smart irrigation controller will hurt your landscape and not provide enough water to your landscape? This is a common concern; however, the top cause of landscape issues is overwatering, not underwatering. This proves that making this change or adjustment may help to take your landscape to the next level.

You can adjust your smart controller to water your plants with the perfect amount of water to ensure they thrive. Some controllers will adjust for the type of soil, too, along with cycles and soak to get the ideal increments of time. This helps ensure water is absorbed, rather than running off.

Prepare for the Future of Water

Approximately one-third of people in the U.S. now pay more for water than they do for electricity. Also, water rates are still going up. The prices are predicted to continue rising to cover improvements to infrastructure.

With a smart irrigation controller in play, you can get ahead of the water cost curve and help the planet by conserving water resources.

Reduce Hardscape Loss

Hardscapes are the non-living portions of your landscape, including your patios and rock walls. By watering where your plants are located, you can reduce the loss of these hardscape features.

Replacing or maintaining hardscapes that have begun to erode or crack due to irrigation is expensive, and you will be wasting water.

When you use a smart irrigation controller, it will help prevent cracking sidewalks and pavement by reducing the runoff.

Are You Ready to Install a Smart Irrigation Controller?

As you can see, there are more than a few benefits offered by smart irrigation controllers. If you want to install one on your property, contact our team at The IDL Company. We will help you enjoy all the benefits mentioned here, and more.