Fall is on its way, which means the weather in Kansas City and surrounding areas is going to begin getting cooler. With the weather outside getting more comfortable, it is important to make sure that your landscape, and all the components in it, are ready for cooler weather. Preparing for fall weather properly will help your landscape bounce back after the winter months. While there is more too this maintenance and preparation than just raking leaves, you will be glad you put time and energy into it next spring.

Keep in mind, if you are unable to handle fall maintenance for your landscape, there are professionals who can help. They will ensure your yard is winter-ready, and that it will look amazing again when spring arrives.

Plant Diseases Considerations

Keep in mind, the majority of diseases are going to be able to make it through the winter inside of infected plant debris. Diseases are able to live in the fallen leaves, soil and even the dead branches that are still on the plant. Professional landscaping services will work to remove any debris present on your plants before winter to help minimize the number of diseases that survive.

New Perennials

If you want to add any new perennials to your home’s landscape, then the month of October is when you should plan on planting them. By then, the temperatures will be much cooler, which provides the ideal climate and less strain. This will allow the plants to more easily establish themselves during the winter months. Professional landscaping services can also help with this and ensure the best flowering bulbs are selected and that they are planted properly for the best chance of looking great in the spring.

Winterizing Your Irrigation System and Sprinklers

A critical part of any fall landscape maintenance and preparation is to winterize your irrigation system and sprinklers. Unfortunately, this is one aspect that is often overlooked. There is no question that Kansas City is used to harsh winter conditions, but there are still homeowners that don’t take the proper precautions for their irrigation systems. If this is not done, it can lead to system failure in the spring.

Without winterization, any water that remain in the lines of your irrigation system when it freezes will result in the pipes or sprinkler heads cracking. The professional landscaping company you hire can flush out this excess water and shut down the system during fall maintenance. This will save you quite a bit of hassle and unnecessary expenses when everything warms up again.

Taking the time to use the tips here will help you get your landscape ready for the cool and cold temperatures of fall and winter. If you want help, contact The IDL Company who can create a custom winterization plan for your yard.