A yard that is well-watered and nutrient-rich is going to be a happy and (more importantly) healthy yard. However, in order to ensure your yard remains green and lush, your sprinkler system has to do its job – and do it well.

While hiring the professionals to help with irrigation system maintenance and upkeep is a good idea, you also need to know some of the threats to your home’s sprinkler system. Many issues that arise with these systems are completely preventable – the key is to know what they are.

Winter Weather

Winter brings along cold temperatures, ice, and snow. These are often harsh and unforgiving. While it’s worth enduring the wrath of winter to get to the more pleasant seasons of the year, you need to take steps to protect your sprinkler system.

During fall, when you are enjoying changing leaves and pumpkin spice everything, be sure to make some time to schedule a sprinkler blowout. This is an investment that is well-worth the money. If you fail to invest in a blowout, your irrigation system pipes may freeze, leaving you with thousands of dollars in repairs.

Your Lawn Mower

There’s no question that the irony related to lawn care is quite strong. The main tool you use to keep your grass trimmed, healthy and looking great is one of the primary machines that can wreak havoc on your sprinkler system.

While the location of your sprinkler heads depends on the design of your irrigation system, they are usually found along the sides and in the corners of your lawn. If there’s a larger area of grass, then there may be a sprinkler head closer to the middle.

If the sprinkler head does not go completely down – like they are supposed to – then you may have a cringe-worthy and frustrating issue on your hands if you unknowingly run over it while mowing.

The best thing you can do to prevent this issue is to do a quick visual inspection to ensure all of your sprinkler heads are retreating into the ground like they are supposed to. This is the best solution to this all-too-common problem; however, if you do happen to run over a wayward sprinkler head, call the professionals. They can provide the needed repairs.

Your Playful Pup

There is no question that having a dog can bring joy and happiness to your life. They are a beam of positivity and light in a somewhat sad and bleak world. While this is true, your over-zealous pup can also be a mini-Godzilla to your irrigation system.

All the running and romping your pup does can result in broken sprinkler heads. The best way to ensure this type of damage does not occur (again) is to make sure they are retracting into the ground properly.

If you have noticed that your irrigation system needs help, or that damage has occurred, contact our team at The IDL Company today. We can help with any sprinkler related issue you are facing.