The older a sprinkler system is, the more likely it is to need ongoing repairs. Eventually, regular maintenance and repairs may not be enough. Also, technology is always changing in the realm of sprinkler systems. Just like the other systems in your house, replacing old, outdated sprinkler components with a sprinkler upgrade can help save you money and water.

The lifespan of a traditional rotary sprinkler head is five to seven years. Even if your old sprinkler heads are still working, that doesn’t mean they offer the most cost-effective use of water.

To ensure your sprinkler system continues working properly, you need to know the signs your system may be failing. Keep reading to find out the signs you need a sprinkler system upgrade here.

The Sprinkler Heads Need to be Replaced

Each year, at least a few sprinkler heads are going to need to be replaced. If you are having to replace more and more with every passing spring, you should think about being proactive, rather than reactive. Upgrading your system now can help you avoid the need for further replacements.

The Spray and Rotary Heads Don’t Go Down

Have you ever stepped outside in the morning and noticed your spray or rotary heads were sticking out of the ground? If so, it means they are close to the end of their useful life. The springs found inside the sprinkler heads are going to lose tension after years of use.

Frequent Underground Leaks

Leaks happen. However, if they have started to occur more frequently, it could be an indication of wear and tear. The constant freezing and thawing process during the winter months is going to weaken the components, eventually causing them to fail.

The Sprinkler System is Constantly Having Issues 

Your irrigation system doesn’t just use water for proper operation. The electrical components of your system control when the water is turned on and how long it runs. Turning off and on hundreds of times each year is going to cause wear and tear on any system. The parts of your sprinkler system that are most susceptible to electrical failure are the zone valves and controller. If this happens, the effects to your landscape can be devastating.

The Sprinkler System is more than 15 Years Old

An older sprinkler system is eventually going to break down. Updating the system now, rather than later, is best. With new advances in technology, the newer components are more energy-efficient and cost effective. What you eventually spend on an upgrade or replacement will help you save thanks to years of energy efficient irrigation.

If you have noticed any of the issues listed here, don’t worry. You don’t have to have a completely new system installed. We can work with you to figure out what needs to be done and work within your budget to ensure your system is operating properly and efficiently. To learn more, contact our team at The IDL Company today.