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When we introduce new surfaces to an existing landscape, it’s important to consider that the natural flow of water in that area may be disrupted. Adding impervious surfaces like roofs and residential driveways increases the amount of storm water runoff, which collects particles of oil, dust, and other pollutants as it travels over the surface of the ground.

This results in an excess of storm water runoff, which left untreated will travel through yard drainage systems and gutters downspout drains until finally depositing into lakes, streams, and the ocean.  Negative consequences of the storm water runoff and improper drainage include the following:

  • Pollutants are carried into the oceans and our waterways where they can affect wildlife and water quality
  • Debris carried in storm water can clog our storm drains and cause residential flooding
  • Increased volumes of storm water can erode stream banks and hillsides
  • Contaminated water can lead to beach and lake closures

Because of these concerns, proper drainage is a major concern for your home. To avoid these adverse impacts to our property and the environment, guidelines are in place. Federal, state, and local laws and regulations require that storm water be managed by residential homeowners and property managers. Drainage systems are the basic method of water management.

Kansas City Drainage Systems for Your Home

Yard and lawn drainage systems are not only necessary to protect the environment -- They are also vital to protect your property.

With a range of French drains and downspout drains and underground drainage system components to collect stormwater and then disperse it back into the subsurface where it can filter naturally through the soil, IDL Company, one of the highest-rated Kansas City drainage contractors,  offers you modifiable stormwater management systems. These drainage systems meet local regulations and protect the property of homeowners, all while helping maintain a cleaner environment and water table.

We are happy to discuss your Kansas City-area home or property to explore lawn drainage system solutions.

To learn about yard drainage systems for your home, call IDL Company at (816) 987-7168.

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