At IDL Company, we know that too much of a ‘good thing’ (such as flooding rains) isn’t always good. Certain seasons of the year often bring with them a lot of rain, so much in fact that it can result in standing or ponding water, or a soggy lawn that takes days or longer to dry out. Kansas City homeowners who experience too much water in their lawns – especially in areas such as around the foundation or basement walls – may wish to learn more about a French drain, and how it works. There are various solutions when it comes to the drainage of rainfall or ground water away from your home. Because Missouri has a clay-based soil, water can be particularly problematic, especially if your landscape is flat without any significant sloping.

Naturally, water flows downhill. Because of this, those with a lawn that has a natural slope directing water away from their foundations and landscapes are lucky; many homeowners do not have this advantage, although some builders do grade the lot or land where a new home is built in an effort to direct water away from the home. Other than that, it becomes necessary to consider various drainage solutions. A French drain is one solution, described below.

The concept of a French drain is simple and basic. A trench is dug at a slight slope, and small gravel (pea size) fill the space around a perforated pipe which is then covered with soil/turf, so that it is underground and invisible. Because of the downward slope and gravel, excess water is diverted away from the foundation of your home, or any other area where excess water may collect.

How French Drain Systems Work

First, it is important to determine exactly where excess water is collecting on your property. In doing so, we can map out precisely where the French drain should be located to be most effective before the installation process begins. Once installed, excess water on the surface as well as subsurface water (below the surface of the soil) channels through the gravel, then into the pipe which directs the water away from the problem area, and into a drainage ditch or onto the street.

It is essential that professionals install your French drain, as the process is a bit complex and can result in additional issues if not done correctly. At IDL Company, we recommend our installation professionals do the job, so that you know it’s done right the first time. In addition, if you have had a French drain installed and it doesn’t perform as it should, there are measures that can be taken to correct the problem. It may be that a new French drain will need to be installed, or the current system reconfigured.

Regardless of your drainage issues, count on IDL Company for yard drainage solutions for every problem! We’re the experts in the Kansas City area you can count on for quality irrigation, sprinkler, drainage, and landscape lighting solutions.