Are you searching for an effective way to brighten up your outdoor area iwth landscape lighting? Instead of spending hours trying to find the perfect sculpture or plant, why not add a bit of decorative lighting to the space? When it comes to creating the perfect outdoor living area, lighting is a crucial aspect to consider. The proper combination of lighting in your yard can help to improve the visual appeal and charm while increasing the property’s resale value.

Start with Landscape Lighting Basics

While it may be tempting to begin setting up lights and lamps throughout the yard, don’t do this just yet. Instead, create a plan. Where do you need light? This may require you to get outside after dark to see the “black holes” that are present. Also, when creating your lighting design, remember, a little bit of light can illuminate rather large areas.

There is no need to go overboard when it comes to lighting the deck or patio. A single wall light and a few spotlights are usually more than enough to light up your entertainment area. Your goal should be to create a sense of ambiance, instead of creating the lighting you would have inside. While coming up with a plan, be sure to keep security in mind, as well.

You can light up steps using special stairway lights and use overhead lighting for entryways to the home. If you are going to light up your pathway or walkway, use inconspicuous and short fixtures. Be sure to space them about 10 feet apart and consider using an alternate pattern. You can even light up your pavers using recessed lights.

If you want to use the landscape lighting to help safeguard your home, choose fixtures with manual shutoff capabilities and motion sensors. Floodlights and spotlights are powerful, and they may end up overwhelming the lighting scheme. If you use motion sensors, you can place them anywhere in the yard without impacting your other lighting elements.

Experiment with Various Features and Techniques

There is a huge assortment of modern lighting options available today. This will allow you to create a festive and unique yard. A common option for many homeowners is accent lighting. This is designed to highlight a special item or object in a certain part of the yard, such as a statue, tree, or gazebo. With accent lighting, you can create a dramatic effect and the brighter floodlights and spotlights can be used for controlling the beam. You can put the lights up in a tree or use the recess lighting mentioned above to help you create the look you want.

If creating a landscape lighting plan alone is a bit intimidating, why not enlist help from the pros. At The IDL Company, you can get the ideal landscape lighting plan customized to your space. The team will work with you to ensure your vision is brought to life.