It is finally time to emerge from winter hibernation and enjoy the warmer, longer days ahead. There is no question that the warmth of spring is beckoning people all over the Kansas City area outdoors once again. However, before you uncover the patio furniture and dust off the walkway, there are a few spring maintenance tasks to take care of. One of these is to inspect and service all of your exterior, landscape lighting. Don’t worry, while may seem like a huge undertaking, here you will find a detailed list of everything you should do to keep your lighting working great throughout the season.

Check for Damage

Once the snow is cleared away and the ground is thawed, you can begin repairing any damages that may have occurred during the snow fall or snow removal process.

  • Damaged fixtures: Children on sleds and errant snowplow blades can cause damage to fixtures during winter. Issues such as bent pathway lights and cracked lenses are not very pleasing to look at and they will decrease the effectiveness of your overall lighting system.
  • Realign the fixtures: The freeze and thaw cycle can push fixtures out of the ground. This issue is complicated further by plant and tree roots under the ground. Spring is the ideal time to have all your landscape lighting fixtures seated and aligned in the ground.
  • Clean the lenses: Rain and melted snow can produce mineral deposits that are left behind on the fixture lenses. This can cause a dimmer light beam than what should be produced.

Common Mishaps

The springtime is also the point during the year where many homeowners begin making improvements to the yard. While making these improvements, you may accidentally damage your lighting. Some things to do and check for include:

  •  Clean the area around the fixture: If you have had mulch put down recently, your lighting may have accidentally been filled up with this, which can block the beam. Also, if plants are too bushy, they may need to be trimmed so they don’t block the fixture.
  • Cut wires: Adding new mulch beds or edging a bed can result in a cut wire, which will need to be fixed for the lighting to work properly.
  • Landscape lighting design adjustments: If you are ready to change the look of your landscape, it may also mean you need to change the layout of your landscape lighting.

Call for Maintenance and Repairs from the Professionals

Many homeowners don’t want to have to worry about their landscape lighting, but also want to make sure it is doing its job. If this is the case, simply call the professional, experienced staff from the IDL Company. Our technicians will address any and all landscape lighting problems present to make sure your system is operating at a peak level of performance.

In addition to lighting, our service professionals can address any other landscape concern you have. We are dedicated to helping you create an oasis in your own backyard.