Are you ready to get your yard summer-ready? If so, part of your plan should involve landscape lighting for summer. However, when installing new lighting in your yard, you may find that issues will arise. Knowing what the most common lighting mishaps are is going to help ensure your lighting system looks great and that you don’t cause damage or danger for you, your landscape, or your family.

Don’t Focus too Much on the Engineering

When you begin learning about landscape lighting options for your property, they may become over-excited to learn about the technical aspects of how low voltage landscape lights operate. While it is a good idea to understand the lighting system installed, the technicality of a light system isn’t worth much if the design of the system isn’t well thought out.

It doesn’t matter if you are working with a professional light designer or not, you should save all the technical stuff for later. Figure out what you want lit, and why. Determining the design first is essential to fashion a beautiful lighting system down the road.

Before you try to worry about the wire runs and load drops, it’s a good idea to consider the design first.

Design with Light, Not the Fixtures

There are quite a few cool fixtures available for purchase. It can be fun to find new and exciting ways to use the fixtures to create different lighting effects. However, you need to ensure you are designing with the light created, not the fixtures.

What this means is that you need to think about where you want to have light, and then figure out what fixture will help you create the effect desired.

The light source, which is the bulb, is what is going to do all the work. The fixture is just there to hold the bulb. Make sure you figure out what you want to experience and see at night, and then determine what lights are right to create that method.

Not Choosing the Right Fixture Material

Be sure you pay attention to the materials the fixtures are made of and how well it is constructed. If the fixture isn’t going to stand up and keep working for many years to come, why even make an investment, to begin with? It’s best to choose metals that aren’t going deteriorate quickly. This includes brass, copper, and stainless steel. These metals are all ideal and designed to last a lifetime.

Not Budgeting Enough

If you don’t have a realistic budget in mind, you may find you can’t get the quality materials you need. Be sure you think about what you can spend and find the highest quality lighting system for your needs.

When it comes to summer landscape lighting, there are more than a few things to consider. If you want to ensure that your landscape lighting meets all your needs and none of the mistakes here are made, contact our team at The IDL Company. We can help you get the right landscape lighting system for your needs.